‘Hidden Among Us’ by Katy Moran

293p 2013 Walker Books Publisher

When Lissy is taken away as a baby by the mysterious people called the Hidden, her desperate mother makes a bargain with one of them to get her baby back. Larkspur gives Lissy fourteen years to be with her mother, before having to come back and stay with the Hidden for the rest of her eternal life. If Miriam tried to prevent the Hidden from taking Lissy, any other children she had would die.

Fourteen years later, Lissy’s time is almost up- except she doesn’t know it. Her mother has protected and sheltered her all her life and Lissy is getting tired of it. In a streak of rebellion, Lissy takes a train home from a school trip, and meets a mysterious boy, who leads her to a strange gathering of silent people: the Hidden.

Meanwhile, Lissy’s older brother Rafe is followed out of London after he steals an important manuscript. He is desperately trying to find out more about the Hidden, but when he sees a note in the manuscript ‘They will kill you’, he begins to fear for his life. Banding together with Joe, Miriam’s boyfriend’s son, Rafe discovers that there is a lot more to the Hidden then he knew.

Soon, the Hidden start making moves to take Lissy. Will she be able to escape, or will she be forced to stay with the Hidden forever?

I found Hidden Among Us a very good book. Katy Moran weaves an exciting tale of haunting magic, which had me sitting on the edge of my seat at times. Hidden Among Us is told from mainly three points of view: Lissy’s, Joe’s, and Rafe’s, which I enjoyed, as it helped me to understand all the mysteries in the book. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys mystery and dark magic, but probably not for bedtime reading!


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