‘Fortune Cookie’ by Cathy Cassidy

241p 2015 Puffin Bought: Amazon

Fourteen-year-old Cookie lives with his single mom and his two younger half-sisters, in a flat above The Paper Dragon restaurant. He’s happy with his life in Chinatown: it’s cool, exciting and even though his family doesn’t have much money, they manage just fine. 

When letters start arriving from a Honey Tanberry claiming that she is his half-sister, he thinks it’s a scam, but after a while, he begins to wonder whether the letters are telling the truth. Cookie has no intentions of going to visit Honey and her family, who their shared father left years ago, but when he makes a huge mistake and needs money to fix it, he decides to run away to Tanglewood House.  It seems like the perfect plan to Cookie: he’ll go there for a few days, getting his younger sister Maisie to cover for him at home.  This way he can meet his other half-sisters and see if they can help him get some money from their dad. What could go wrong?

Fortune Cookie is the sixth and last book in The Chocolate Box Girls series by Cathy Cassidy. I was looking forward to reading this, as I have loved all her other books, and it definitely didn’t let me down!  Though I wish Coco, Skye and Summer were featured just a bit more in this last instalment, I did feel that this book tied up all the loose ends in the series and I’m pleased how things ended for Cookie and all the Tanberry girls. I think Cookie made many mistakes, some of which I didn’t think were quite believable, but he eventually matured and realised that sometimes you have to stick with your family and work things out together, rather than trying to save the day flying solo.

The Chocolate Box Girls series is fun and engaging- each book drawing you deeper into the lives of the Tanglewood characters.  All of their experiences, the good as well as the bad, will keep you turning the pages.

If you’re sad, like I am, that Fortune Cookie is the last book in the series, Cathy also has the Chocolate Box Secrets out, and a compilation of all her e-book short stories on the characters featured in the books, titled Life Is Sweet, is coming out in October 2015.


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