‘The Songbird Cafe Girls: Mollie Cinnamon Is Not a Cupcake’ by Sarah Webb

181p 2015 Walker Books Bought: Amazon

12 year old Mollie Cinnamon has always been a city-girl, so moving to tiny Little Bird Island to live with her great-granny while her mom is travelling the world, filming a TV show, seems like the opposite of fun. At first, Mollie is shocked by the small island with its ‘ice-cream’ coloured houses and the close-knit community and can’t wait until she joins her mom in Paris. Slowly though, Mollie makes friends with quiet Sunny and friendly Alanna at the Songbird Cafe, and begins to feel that things are looking up. But when the cafe, where Mollie met her friends, is in danger, Mollie is desperate to help. Will The Songbird Cafe be saved from closure?

Mollie Cinnamon Is Not a Cupcake is the first book in The Songbird Cafe Girls series by Sarah Webb and I couldn’t wait to start reading it. I thought it had a good plot, and it was easy to connect with Mollie and how she dealt with school, moving to a new place, making new friends or feeling passionately about a cause.

I think the writing and topics would appeal more to kids slightly younger than me (13), but it is definitely a story I would recommend.

The next book in the series, Sunny Days and Moon Cakes is out already, and the third book in The Songbird Cafe GirlsAurora and the Popcorn Dolphins, is published in March 2016. Also, for the older readers, I urge you to check out Sarah’s first series, Ask Amy Green, as that is an amazing series.


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