‘Model Under Cover: A Crime of Fashion’ by Carina Axelsson

368p 2014 Usbourne Bought: Waterstones

When 16 year old Axelle Anderson is sent to Paris by her parents to stay with her fashion-obsessed Aunt Venetia for Paris Fashion Week, as a birthday present, the long-legged Axelle couldn’t imagine anything worse. Though her mother is always trying to get her interested in fashion and modelling, all Axelle wants to do is become a private eye, solving mysteries for a living.

Axelle is not looking forward to trailing after her aunt all week taking notes about fashion. But when one of the top designers in the fashion world goes missing, Axelle is determined to find out why. Much to her dismay she realises it will involve doing the thing she despises most: Modelling. Her scary Parisian aunt is delighted to facilitate her and soon Axelle is a semi-willingly transformed model.

In her new guise ‘model Axelle’ dives into the world of fashion with one thing on her mind: to solve the mystery. With the help of British super-model Ellie and gorgeous Sebastian, the three try to uncover who is the culprit behind Bella La Lune’s disappearance. But when Bella’s brother and sister both disappear as well, the stakes get higher. Who is the kidnapper- and why?

Model Under Cover: A Crime of Fashion by Carina Axelsson is such a fun book to read. I bought this right before I moved to California in March of 2014, and actually read it on the plane! The plot is fast, full of intrigue and I didn’t want to put it down. Axelle is a fabulous character, sharp-witted, funny and determined, and I thought that the story was well-written. I also think the cover art-work is fab, it definitely says ‘pick me up!’

The fashion world- and all the crazy people in it- plus the handsome Sebastian, and of course a whirlwind mystery was the perfect mix.  Now I have to get my hands on the next two books in the series!


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