‘Small Blue Thing’ by S. C. Ransom

314p 2011 Nosy Crow Library

When 16 year old Alex tries to free a trapped swan on the banks of the River Thames after her school exams, she accidentally finds a bracelet buried deep beneath the muddy sand. It’s a beautiful silver bracelet and has a gorgeous blue stone set in it. Alex thinks she keeps seeing flashes of light in the stone, and not long after finding the bracelet, an image of a handsome boy wearing a dark cloak appears in her mind.

 Alex ignores the strange ‘hallucinations’, but one day in St. Paul’s Cathedral in London she sees the teenager right in front of her, wearing a bracelet similar to her own. No one seems to see him. She tries to talk to him, but can’t hear him replying, and upon touching him, her hand goes straight through him. Then, he disappears. Later on, she sees him again in a computer screen, standing by her shoulders, and she’s convinced that he’s trying to talk to her.

 Alex tries to figure out why she keeps seeing this mysterious stranger, and why she can’t talk to him. In her bedroom, she tries to mentally summon him and then sees him, smiling over her shoulder in her mirror. Together, they discover that when their bracelets are close, almost touching, she can hear him speak. The bracelet is what allows Alex to see the boy, Callum. Callum tells her that he drowned in the River Thames. He fell in at a certain place, where the Thames meets the River Fleet and that caused him to become a dirge; not dead, but not alive either.

As Alex begins to talk to Callum, she feels that he’s unlike any other boy her age; he is kind, smart, handsome, but also lonely in his long life as a dirge. Alex realises that she has feelings that run deeper than friendship for Callum. She thinks he loves her too, but when her life is put in danger by Callum’s sister, who is also a dirge, she begins to question his true feelings.

I adored Small Blue Thing by S. C. Ransom. The gripping complex plot and the wonderful writing held me spell-bound until the last page. The characters are intriguing and I felt torn once I finished reading. I love that while this book is a romance story, there is much suspense and mystery, which makes you desperate to find out what happens next- I immediately reserved the next two books in the trilogy at my local library! A fabulous read.


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