‘The Hidden Princess’ by Katy Moran

259p 2014 Walker Books Publisher

51wdpscf-jl-_sx323_bo1204203200_Ever since Lissy was trapped deep underground in the halls of the Hidden by her father the Swan King, six years ago, her younger sister Connie has been told by her family that Lissy died. They thought it was best for her, as they wanted to protect her from the reality that her sister is half Hidden, half mortal.

Lately, Connie has been having dreams of a trapped boy, pleading for her to help him. He tells her that all she has to do to free him is to take down one of the iron crosses in her home, Hopesay Reach. Connie doesn’t know that taking just one of the iron crosses down will open up the gateway to the halls of the Hidden. She doesn’t know that Lissy’s captor, her father the Swan King, will release a deadly plague. All she knows is that the boy seems so sad, so beautiful, that she does as he bids her.

With the gateway open, what will happen? Will Lissy be free now, or will she still have to stay with the Hidden forever, with no chance of escape?

The Hidden Princess by Katy Moran was brilliant and it was the perfect sequel to Hidden Among Us. It continued the story, and tells us what happened to Joe, Larkspur, Connie and of course Lissy. There was a very interesting new character, and I really enjoyed reading about him too. The way Katy Moran writes, exciting and mysterious, is perfect if you’re looking for a thriller that makes you sad, happy and thoughtful all at the same time. I definitely recommend both Hidden Among Us and The Hidden Princess.


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