‘The Tent, The Bucket and Me’ by Emma Kennedy

352p 2010 Edbury Press Borrowed

51oqxpgs48l-_sx317_bo1204203200_Emma Kennedy’s first camping experience began with being blown off a Welsh cliff by a force 10 gale wind when she was little. By the time she’s thirteen, family holidays haven’t got much better, though not for lack of trying! Over the ten years described in the book, Emma and her parents, Brenda and Tony, visit France and go all over England and Wales in search of that ‘perfect’ family summer holiday in the 70’s. Along the way, they encounter the drama of falling into toilets, all-you-can-eat-buffets, storms, food poisoning and “the bucket”.

The Tent, the Bucket and Me is the funniest story I have read in months. I’m not a very outwardly emotional reader but I was giggling as I turned the pages of this hysterical – and a tad scary- book that my friend lent me. I thought the delivery of the Kennedy’s escapades was great and enjoyed the way the book was written, only focusing on their (terrible!) holidays. It’s almost hard to believe that such bad things happened to the Kennedys.

It might slightly put you off camping and the use of public facilities, or ever going on holiday again, but The Tent, The Bucket and Me is a fun, light book that I would definitely read again.


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