‘One’ by Sarah Crossan

430p 2015 Bloomsbury Received as a gift

5184qoacicl-_sx325_bo1204203200_Grace and Tippi are conjoined twins, and have survived for 16 years so far, much longer than doctors had expected them to. The sisters have been home-educated their whole life, funded by the state, but when their funding is no longer enough, and their parents can’t afford to pay for the girls to stay at home, the state plans to send them to private school.

Grace and Tippi are apprehensive about starting school, as many people look upon them as monsters, but the girls become friends with Yasmeen and Jon. While Yasmeen and Jon both have their own problems, they treat Grace and Tippi as two separate human beings, rather than a two-headed freak. They spend more time together, as any normal teenagers would do, although Grace is torn over her feelings for Jon.

With their family’s finances struggling, Grace and Tippi decide to feature on a reality TV show. Although it pays well, their family struggles with the lack of privacy it gives.

But when it is discovered that Grace’s heart is struggling, and Tippi’s single heart is supporting both of them, the two are faced with a life-changing decision. They have to make a huge choice between being separated or staying together; it is possible that they will both die, either way. How should they choose? And will they ever be one again?

I’d heard so much about this book, from other book bloggers and websites, so I was thrilled when I finally got to read it. I sat on the couch reading for about an hour and as I read the last chapter, tears were actually pouring down my face.

Grace’s ‘voice’ is spell-binding, and you just can’t put the book down. The characters really draw you in, and the way it is written in free verse is amazing.  I would definitely recommend this heart-rending story, and can’t wait to read some more of Sarah Crossans’ books.


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