‘The Eagle Trail’ by Robert Rigby

287p 2014 Walker Books Borrowed

51svagrrn5l-_sx332_bo1204203200_Sixteen year old Paul Hansen lives in Nazi-occupied Belgium with his parents in the 1940’s. He has a pretty average life, even with the German influence in his city of Antwerp. But when his father is shot by German officers and his mother is arrested under suspicion of aiding the Resistance, Paul’s life is changed forever.

Paul, now hunted by the Nazis, is quickly hidden by members of the Belgian Resistance, who make plans to get him to England where he will be safe. As the Germans inspect every boat going to England, Paul is sent on a large detour through Belgium and France, then over the Pyrenees Mountains to Spain.

On each leg of the journey, helped by different brave members of the Resistance, Paul encounters new perils and dangers until he reaches the French town of Lavelanet. The few Resistance members there, led by Henri Mazet, have to organise his journey over the dangerous ‘Eagle Trail’ in the Pyrenees. Paul stays a few weeks in the town as a ‘visiting relative’ of Henri’s, who runs a big textiles factory, and Paul starts to become friends with Henri’s teenage daughter Josette.

But there is a traitor in their midst, and when a good friend is injured, and a woman murdered, they know they have to work quickly to get Paul across the mountains.

Finally it is time to move on, towards the most risky part of his journey. Will Paul make it over the Eagle Trail?

My friend lent The Eagle Trail to me, and what a great book it is. I couldn’t put it down, and I had no idea what would happen next. The World War II story was exciting and the characters were so engaging. I also have to mention the gorgeous book cover which I really liked- it made me want to read it immediately.

I would definitely recommend The Eagle Trail by Robert Rigby to anyone and everyone- I know my friend’s dad enjoyed it too! It’s intense, wonderfully written and a thrilling read.


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