‘Finding Audrey’ by Sophie Kinsella

280p 2015 Penguin Random House Library

41r2t6m2bsdl-_sx326_bo1204203200_14 year old Audrey has struggled with depression and anxiety ever since she had a mental breakdown due to bullying months ago. She’s terrified of making eye contact with anyone, and consequently always wears dark glasses, even though she barely leaves the house. With a slightly chaotic family, Audrey tries to just disappear into the background, but when her brother’s gamer friend, Linus, tries to talk to her and start a conversation, she has no idea what to do.

Each time he comes round, friendly Linus persists in talking to her. They start writing notes, and Audrey gradually begins to relax around him, realising that she may also have deeper feelings for him. Linus encourages her to leave the house, and slowly, Audrey begins to feel confident that she’s beating her illness, despite warnings that she might go downhill again.

But with her mom on the warpath, and other family problems, will Audrey always be on the way up?

Finding Audrey is a very special book. It effortlessly covers the serious topic of mental illness in teens, but Sophie Kinsella kept the story light and witty, which consequently had me giggling all the way through. The characters were wonderfully written and Audrey’s descriptions of having a mental illness made me realise, and understand a few more things about what it is like to suffer from the condition.

The plot moved along quickly, and I liked the way that Audrey ‘talked’ straight to you, like in a video blog. She didn’t immediately divulge all her back-story, as if she was getting to know you and becoming comfortable with telling you stuff about herself. It made her relatable and it felt like she was a real person.

Finding Audrey is a great read, and an important one too. I would definitely tell everyone to put it on their TBR list- now!


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