‘Did I Mention I Love You?’ by Estelle Maskame



Black and White Publishing

Received as a Gift

51x34awbjkl-_sx323_bo1204203200_When 16 year old Eden goes to LA to spend summer vacation at her dad’s, she’s not exactly thrilled to be staying with a guy she hasn’t seen in three years. And knowing that he’s moved on from her mom and now has a new wife and three step-sons, she can’t help feeling annoyed about how he suddenly wants to be back in her life.

Upon her arrival, Eden is quickly taken under the wing of older neighbour Rachel, who introduces Eden to her group of friends. When they first meet, Eden and her 17 year old step-brother, Tyler, immediately clash, but as Tyler also hangs out with Eden’s new-found friends, they establish a shaky truce. Eden is shocked to find out that Tyler does drugs and alcohol, as a way to distract himself from his major issues, and doesn’t know how to help him.

But when Eden and Tyler realise they have feelings for each other- that run much deeper than any step-siblings feelings should- they are faced with a devastating decision. Add a blackmailing girlfriend, family troubles, and the difficulties of fitting in, and you have the perfect story.

Did I Mention I Love You? is in one word, addictive. I just wanted to keep reading this story of forbidden love forever- and it isn’t a small book! The characters are very relatable, but they all have complex backgrounds and issues, which are carefully explored throughout the course of the book. Estelle Maskame has written an intricate plot that is absolutely amazing (or devastating, depending on how you look at it!) that kept me guessing until the very end.

I’ve actually ordered the second book in the trilogy, Did I Mention I Need You? which I’m eagerly awaiting, and then I’ll have to wait until April for the final book. *wails dramatically and sobs*

As a side note, my grandparents were actually step-siblings and met as young teenagers- just like Eden and Tyler! (Though apparently it wasn’t love at first sight!) It was interesting imagining how it must have been for them in early 1950’s Dublin.

I would probably recommend this book to readers 12+, as there is some mature content, but I think that it is such a fabulous, funny, and heart-wrenching read. Loved it!


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