‘The Songbird Cafe Girls: Aurora and the Popcorn Dolphin’ by Sarah Webb



Walker Books


51l2uvmzicl-_sx323_bo1204203200_When Aurora and her marine-biologist father visit her mom’s family on Little Bird Island for their summer vacation, Rory has no idea what to expect. Her mom, who was also a marine biologist, died recently and Aurora is still struggling to cope. Going to visit their family in Ireland was her mom’s idea, and Aurora isn’t too thrilled to be staying for the whole summer with people she’s never met.

While staying on the island, Aurora is encouraged to hang out with her cousin and his friends, but she has difficulties fitting in with them, and feels sad. When Alanna, the friendly owner of The Songbird Cafe introduces her to the island’s resident dolphin, Click, Rory begins to feel that her summer is looking up.

As the summer goes on, Rory slowly gets used to life on the island, and although rocky, her relationship with the local kids gets better. She and her dad have disagreements however; Rory wants more freedom and feels that her dad is babying her needlessly. She also wants to try and do more work for the project that her parents had worked on before her mother died, a project on dolphin communication. Rory hopes that spending more time with her dad, doing what they both love, will help them get along better, but he’s reluctant to try.

When there’s a terrible accident, Rory and her dad have to work together to try and save the day. Will they be able to do it, and work out their differences?

I’d looked forward to this third book in The Songbird Cafe Girls series after really enjoying the previous two books in the series (see reviews here and here), and I can happily say that Aurora and the Popcorn Dolphin lived up to my expectations.

Rory was such a great character; you really empathised with her, and her grief about her mother’s death was dealt with with such care and compassion. Sarah Webb’s love of all things marine also really shone through in this book, with lots of interesting facts about dolphins, marine biology, and the environmental threats that our seas and sea-life are currently facing.

This book, with it’s gorgeous, eye-drawing cover, will definitely entice readers to pick it up- and I would recommend that you do! A lovely, heart-warming read.


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