‘Wing Jones’ by Katherine Webber



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51mzduw26wl-_sx324_bo1204203200_Wing Jones has never really fit in anywhere. With her unusual Chinese-Ghanian looks she sticks out everywhere she goes. Wing doesn’t live in a traditional family environment either. She lives with her hard-working mother, her eccentric grandmothers from China and Ghana, and Marcus, her beloved older brother. Marcus is the only one who seems to fit in, a ‘golden boy’ despite his unique looks. He appears to have it all: he’s a star quarterback who has college scouts watching him, a long-term relationship with Monica, his best friend Aaron, and is popular everywhere he goes.

One Friday night, Marcus drink drives after a party and hits another car. The woman in the other car, mother to a young boy, is killed, and so is the boy who was travelling with Marcus. Marcus falls into a coma, and everything in Wing’s world shatters.

Things are hard at school and home for Wing. At school people blame her for her brothers’ actions, and at home money is tight, with hospital bills piling up. One day, soon after the accident, she discovers a hidden talent; her ability to run like the wind, faster than anyone in her school. Running makes her forget about all the bad things in her life.

On one of her secret midnight runs at the school track, she meets Aaron, her brother’s best friend who she has had a crush on forever. He’s amazed by her speed and wants to help her improve. They start going to the track most nights, building her strength. After a while, she goes public, joining the school track team and shocks everyone. She starts to make new friends, and is growing as a person, despite the difficulties with Marcus, who may never wake up again.

Running gives her an escape and also brings an opportunity to possibly help her family’s fortunes, in the form of a competition to be the face of a popular running shoe brand. But will pushing herself to win ultimately make her push away the person she has always wanted?

Wing Jones by debut author Katherine Webber is a breath-taking story about love- in all shapes and forms- becoming your own person, making new friends, and discovering hidden talents you never thought you had. There has been a lot of hype about this book, so I bought it, and I can completely agree with what other bloggers and authors have been saying about it.

This story felt so real to me, the characters and their struggles were wonderfully expressed. Wing’s two grannies, LaoLao and Granny Dee, added humour to the story with their little spats, and I loved Wing- watching her develop and grow in confidence; becoming her own person, really made me smile. The romance between Wing and Aaron was so special and sweet; blossoming throughout the story, and I was really routing for them.

Marcus was an interesting character- whilst being in a coma for the majority of the book, he affected the characters lives deeply and put them through so much grief and suffering, but the events of the story made everyone stronger.

Aside from the spectacular story, the cover and pages of this book have to be given a mention! The cover is relatively simple, but I love how the title is written using the shoe laces, and the sprayed pink-purple pages and back cover are very eye-catching!

Wing Jones is a special book that touches the heart and I’d recommend it to anyone looking for something new to read.